Tengiz Verulava's scientific work was published in an influential publication

10 September 2021

Professor Tengiz Verulava's paper “Work Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities: Employers ’Perspectives” was published in the influential international peer-reviewed journal Quality - Access to Success.

Tengiz Verulava, Givi Bedianashvili. Work Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities: Employers ’Perspectives. Quality - Access to Success 2021; 22 (182): 159-163. [Link] [Google Scholar]

The journal is indexed in the international scientific database of SCOPUS (Elsevier). Citescore - 1.6

Research description:

Unemployment is one of the major challenges facing people with disabilities. The purpose of the study was to analyze the views and opinions of employers on the employment of persons with disabilities. As part of a qualitative study, employment barriers for people with disabilities in Georgia were studied. According to the study, significant obstacles are: a flawed legal framework, an unadapted and discriminatory physical environment, problems with inclusive education, and low levels of public awareness about the skills and experiences of people with disabilities. The relationship between employers and persons with disabilities is based on the ethical norms of employers and is not regulated by law. There are no agencies that act as intermediaries between people with disabilities and the employer. The state should encourage the participation of persons with disabilities in economic activities. It is necessary to create information databases through which employers will be able to collect information about the competencies and skills of persons with disabilities. Vocational schools should cooperate with employers and provide information on the competencies of persons with disabilities. It is advisable for the state to impose certain tax benefits in order to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities.

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