Why our Program

MPH Program of CMS prepares healthcare professionals who can be employed in epidemiologic service; work as healthcare researchers, consultants and fill other administrative positions both in governmental and private sectors, local self-governance bodies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, insurance companies, regional and central bodies of public healthcare and medical institutions of various kinds

The program focuses on providing knowledge on the main demographic and social trends in Georgia, on organizing public health management institutions, their funding, marketing and modern IT.


The knowledge will enable the program graduates to improve and enhance healthcare system in the country not only by preventing certain diseases but also by planning and implementing efficient healthcare programs and providing better health and social insurance via appropriate organizations. 

Caucasus School of Healthcare has signed Memoranda of Cooperation with leading and outstanding organizations of the field in the country

Program duration

Minimum duration - two years; maximum duration - four years

Program cost

Flexible payment scheme. Payment for each semester is determined by the credits taken for the semester; the price of one ECTS – 82.5 GEL; the total price of the Program (120 ECTS) – 9,900 GEL.