The doctoral thesis defense of Natia Gigauri, a doctoral student in the CSE doctoral program

14 December 2023

On December 13, at Caucasus University, the defense of Natia Gigauri's dissertation titled "The Impact of US Federal Reserve Currency Swaps on Consumer Price Index". Natia Gigauri is a student of the Caucasus School of Economics English-language doctoral program in economics, and the scientific supervisor of the thesis was Professor Aleksandre Rakviashvili.


The defense of the dissertation was held before the dissertation board, with the following composition:


  • Vano Benidze, Professor, School of Economics, Caucasus University;
  • Tengiz Taktakishvili, Associate Professor, School of Business, Caucasus University;
  • Aleksandre Rakviashvili, Professor, University of Georgia;
  • Irakli Danelia, Associate Professor, School of Economics, Caucasus University;
  • Vasil Kikutadze, Associate Professor, East European University;


During the defense, the doctoral student presented the dissertation and responded to questions. Following this, the reviewer, Associate Professor at Caucasus University, Tengiz Taktakishvili, provided his assessments of the thesis.


According to the assessment of the thesis board, Natia Gigauri successfully defended her thesis and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Economics.