Why our Master Program


  • Our Master program relies on the requirements and standards of the leading European and American Universities. The program fully meets current requirements of labor market and applies the newest methodologies of teaching.
  • Our program graduates will be efficiently using modern technologies and main methodologies of carrying out research in Economics
  • Our Master’s program introduces peculiarities of market economy mechanism in the context of micro, macro and international economics; helps the students apply knowledge in practice, interpret economic information appropriately and carry out research activities
  • With the view of facilitating to implementation of the Master’s program, Caucasus School of Economics and Healthcare has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with various leading institutions in public and private sectors in this field in Georgia


Program duration 

Minimum two years; maximum duration four years. 


Program cost 

Flexible payment scheme. Payment for each semester is determined by the credits taken for the semester; the price of one ECTS – 82.5 GEL; the total price of the Program (120 ECTS) – 9,900 GEL.