Dean's Welcome



I am happy that you have expressed interest in exploring the Caucasus University’s Caucasus School of Governance (CSG) and its higher education programs.


CSG offers BA programs in International Relations, Public Administration and Political Science. The school also offers two MA programs: MA in International Relations and MA in Public Administration. From 2016, CSG also offers a state of the art PHD program in International Relations. The school web-page you are visiting has all the necessary information regarding the programs, their goals, structure and the learning processes.


However, I would like to just highlight several important factors, which underpin the CSG higher education programs and represent its comparative advantage:


  • The offered programs have well developed curricula based on the latest scientific developments in the field and are based on a robust inter-disciplinary teaching, including general education, foreign languages and study and research components
  • CSG academic staff includes Georgian and Foreign academics and practitioners, which is the assurance that here we offer quality education as well as develop students’ practical skills. The fact that academic staff consists of either former or acting diplomats, researchers, experts and various civil servants creates an excellent networking opportunity for students and facilitates their future career development
  • While studying at CU, students lead a vibrant and full student life. They can draw on the unique CU foreign partnerships and go for a study abroad opportunity, participate in various extracurricular activities, such as participate in research projects, attend invited lecturers series, organize student activities etc. Notably, our MA and PHD programs’ schedules are modeled for students who are employed and are held in the evenings to allow on job study opportunity
  • Besides teaching, CSG leads number of important research and academic projects. For example, since 2016 CSG holds a Jean Monnet Chair, hence program includes a robust EU studies component with cutting edge course on EU politics. Also, CSG is the beneficiary of an Erasmus + research and teaching grants „Creation of the Graduate Curricula in Peace Studies in Georgia“ (PESTUGE). As part of this multinational consortium, CSG has developed Institute of Peace Studies in its premises. Center is equipped with contemporary technologies, thematic library and students’ space. Students can attend thematic lectures, participate in ongoing research projects such as preparation of thematic conferences, electronic bulletins on peace and conflict issues or various publishing. As part of the PESTUGE project, Caucasus University, together with Tbilisi State University and Ilia State University cooperates with advanced European schools such as Dublin City University (DCU), Trinity College and Innsbruck University on developing state of the art peace studies module as part of its graduate curricula


Overall, our programs and academic administrative staff aim to cultivate students’ interest towards the scientific study of international politics and public administration, nurture their critical analysis and academic inquisition and give them the inspiration to find their niche interest in this inter-disciplinary specialization, as well as equip them with all the necessary skills to create new knowledge in the field.


All in all, we aspire to create an inclusive academic environment for your professional as well as personal growth.


I wish you best of luck!


Dr. Eka Akobia

Dean of the Caucasus School of Governance

Caucasus University