Program Overview

The aim of the Program is to educate professionals with a broad range of theoretical and practical skills in the system, structures and theories of international relations, and give a comprehensive knowledge of the institutional, economic and political processes taking place at the global stage. The program equips its graduates with scientific and practical skills needed to evaluate and analyze processes taking place in international relations; it will also provide graduates with a deep interdisciplinary knowledge in subjects such as International Relations, Foreign Policy, International Law, International Organizations, Globalization, Conflict and Peace Studies, Negotiations, etc.   


After undergoing this program, graduates will have academic and practical skills to represent Georgia in accordance to its stated goals and correctly and proactively identify the role of Georgia in the international community of states. Notably, the faculty of the Caucasus School of Governance includes highly-qualified lecturers and outstanding practitioners of the field. 


Bachelor’s Program in International Relations comprises 240 ECTS, 60 ECTS each academic year, 30 ECTS per semester. Thus, the supposed duration of the Bachelor’s program is 4 years, acceptable duration 5-6 years. Each academic year consists of two semesters, with each semester consisting of 19 academic weeks (21 academic weeks when and if a student has to take additional examination in the case of additional examinations), therefore each academic year is planned for 38 weeks (42 weeks). In addition, an additional summer semester can also be organized where students can earn maximum 15 ECTS. 


The language of instruction: Georgian and English.