Program Structure

180 ECTS of the Bachelor’s Program in International Relations are allocated to competencies related to major, including:


  1. 20 ECTS – general university courses
  2. 20 ECTS – the English language
  3. 20 ECTS – a second foreign language
  4. 120 ECTS – field and professional mandatory courses


  • academic courses in the amount of 60 ECTS from field and professional elective module and no more than 20 alternative/free Credits from other educational programs of Caucasus University or by participating in sciemce conferences organized by Caucasus University and/or by taking internship and/or from educational programs of partner universities and/or from other programs awarding ECTS credits, which shall be regulated by an agreement signed between Caucasus University and the institution offering the program in which students will earn Credits; 
  • 60 ECTS minors offered by the Caucasus School of Humanities (Psychology, Sociology, Social work and Human Resources, Cinema Studies) in the case of their availability and in accordance with the rules and regulations of Caucasus University. 
  • Bachelor’s Program in International Relations gives students an opportunity to take individual courses at CU Partner University(ies). Recognition of the credits earned in such a way shall be regulated by legislation as well as by the rules and procedures prescribed by the University. 


Caucasus School of Governance offers unique exchange programs on the Bachelor’s level with the following partner universities: 


  1. Baltic International Academy 
  2. Collegium Civitas 
  3. Corvinus University of Budapest
  4. ESAN University 
  5. F Oberlin University 
  6. Kaunas University of Technology (Public Administration\IR) 
  7. LCC International University 
  8. Mykolas Romeris University 
  9. National University of Political Studies and Republic Administration 
  10. Riga International School of Economics and Business (RISEBA) 
  11. Tallinn University of Technology 
  12. University of Warsaw 
  13. Webster University 
  14. Jagielloian University 
  15. Fairleigh Dickinson University 
  16. Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University 
  17. The University of Alcala
  18. Turin School of Local Regulation – Summer School 
  19. Vytautas Magnus University 


Students can also participate in Erasmus + Mobility at the following Universities:


  1. Collegium Civitas (Political Science, International Relations).
  2. LCC International University (Political Science).
  3. Riga Graduate School of Law (Bachelor only).
  4. SMK University of Applied Social Sciences.
  5. Radboud University, Nijmegen.