Program Overview

Bachelor’s program in Public Administration (program is in Georgian Language) aims to prepare young specialists equipped with relevant academic knowledge and values, who are aware of the theory and practice of public administration and public policy making; who are able to work in private and public sectors in the field of organizational management and policy making; who understand the role of law and legislation, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the process of public administration; who have effective communication skills and understand the importance of public administration and public organizations for democratic societies.


Mission of the Caucasus University is “to prepare competitive, highly qualified, specialists with relevant moral and democratic values through the introduction of research-oriented teaching and learning approaches and considering the need of society in the field of education.  


Program objectives are fully in line with the mission and strategic development plan of the Caucasus University. These objectives illustrate what knowledge, skills and competencies students can obtain and how it can contribute to the development of the field and society in general.