Pre-conditions for enrollment in the Master’s Program in Diplomacy and International Relations are:


a) Having Bachelor’s or related academic degree;

b) Passing the Unified National Examinations;

c) Online registration

d) Proof of B2 level English language proficiency (submission of internationally recognized certificate)

e) Interview with the admission comission. 


Application package includes: 


  1. Certified copy of diploma and grade sheet;
  2. Aplicant’s CV (resume);
  3. 2 passport photos (on CD too);
  4. Copy of the ID card;
  5. Copy of the military service card (for male candidates);
  6. Unified National Examination card;
  7. Motivation letter.


A B2 level of competence in English is one of the preconditions for the enrollment into the program. The applicant must  meet one of following criteria:


  • Internationally approved certificate – B2 level;
  • Or the knowledge of English language at B2 level should be proved by the Diploma Supplement;
  • Or the aplicant should take a test/interview. Preconditions of the interview/testing are determined by the school council.
  • Applicants who have finished english language BA or MA programs are free from the obligation to take the university interview/testing or submit the cerificate.


Second step of the enrolment process is the interview with the commission, which determines applicant’s basic knowledge in the field and the motivation to continue his/her studies to the next level of higher education. Maximum evaluation score for each applicant is 100, from which 60 points are allocated for A test results of Unified National Examination and remaining 40 points are allocated to the interview with the commission (20 points- knowledge of the field, 20 points – motivation and presentation skills).


In case of mobility, the decision is made by the program director and the dean of the school, in accordance to the abovementioned criteria. Decision regarding the student mobility is approved with the order of the president of the University.




  • Document submission –  August; Room A2 

  • Test in English language - September, 2023

  • Interview with selected candidates - September, 2023

  • Test for CU grant applicants -  September, 2023

  • Please submit 1 minute online registration before submitting the documents


Tuition Fee:  9,900 GEL. Tuition fee is paid per semester according to the number of credits taken.


CU Grant


Along with state grant students can also get CU Grant, which covers 50% of the total tuition fee. Preconditions for the CU grant:


  • If you are / were a graduate of any university bachelor's program and have a bachelor's total weighted average (GPA) of 3.5 and above


  • If you earn 65% or more of the maximum grant score on the Unified Master's Exam 

     If you meet both of these conditions, you will be able to apply for a grant and get funding.


CU grant test consists of 15 closed and 3 open, short essay type questions. Closed questions determine applicants’ text (English language text) and data analysis skills. Essay-type questions show applicants’ argumentation skills and general knowledge of the field.

The annual fee of the Master's Program is:


Standard CU fee

When obtaining CU grant

When obtaining State and CU grant

 4 950 GEL

2 475 GEL

1 350 GEL


Caucasus University offers 10% funding for CU graduates, whose GPA is lower than 3,5.