Transition from the centralized, one-party political system, planned economy and closed, insulated governance to the decentralized, democratc, open-market economy, and the need for further integration in the community of states with  multi-vector foreign policy requires a fundamental change of the state apparatus and consequent planning of domestic and foreign policies.


Master’s Program in Diplomacy and International Relations is designed to educate the youth and equip them with appropriate knowledge and skills needed for a professional of international relations and diplomacy; Graduates will receive newest theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for facilitating country’s global partnerships and its full integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures.


The faculty of the Master’s Program of Diplomacy and International Relations includes incumbent practitioners of the field and outstanding personalities in foreign affairs, economics, history and international law, which allows the program graduates to acquire a deep and broad knowledge in international relations, governance, foreign policy, international law, international organizations, globalization, conflict studies and negotiations.


Notably, in 2016 as part of the EU Erasmus + funded project, Institute of Peace Studies was set up at the Caucasus School of Governance. By the time the project is completed in 2018, the institute will be equipped with modern computer equipment, thematic library and students’ space. The students of CU are entitled to participate in the Institute’s activities (listen to public lectures on conflict and peace, take part in variouse activities and academic publications). Within the framework of PESTUGE, Caucasus University cooperates, along with two other higher education institution in Geogria, with such leading universities in Peace Studies as Trinity College University and Dublin City University, Ireland and The University of Innsbruck, Austria.


Languages of instruction is the program are: Georgian and English.