Program Structure

PHD program in International Relations is comprised of 180 ECTS credits.  PHD program in International Relations includes learning component (30 ECTS credits), teaching and assistance component (30 ECTS credits), research component (120 ECTS credits). PHD thesis defense is the final stage of the program.


Official duration of the program is 3 academic years. Maximum duration of the program is 5 years. One academic year consists of two – spring and fall semesters. One semester covers 20 weeks and academic year includes 40 weeks.


1 ECTS credit is equal to 25 credit hours, which includes students contact hours (lecture, seminar, practical work, communication with a supervisor etc.) and independent work (reviewing scientific literature, justifying the actuality of the topic, carrying out research). 


Upon expiration of the PHD program a student, with an academic liability may continue his/her studies during the additional semesters (no more than 4 semesters) with the purpose of completing the educational program, simultaneously keeping the student status.