The Dean of Caucasus School of Governance has been elected president of the prestigious professional network NISPAcee

29 May 2023

On May 25-27, in Belgrade (Serbia), at the 31st annual conference of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee), the steering committee unanimously elected the dean of the Caucasus School of Governance, Eka Akobia, as the next president of the network. It should be noted that the position of the president of NISPAcee in 2006-2008 and 2010-2012 was held by the first dean of CSG, Mzia Mikeladze.


The theme of the conference was " The Future of Public Administration Enabled through Emerging Technologies". At the final plenary session of the Belgrade conference, Eka Akobia, on behalf of the President and Governing Board of the Caucasus University, invited the representatives of the network to the 32nd annual conference, held in Tbilisi in 2024, which will be dedicated to the topic of "Public Administration in Post-Conflict Reconstruction".


Caucasus University successfully hosted the NISPAcee annual conference in 2015 as well. Such involvement is of particular importance for the development and internationalization of the school's public administration bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in line with international standards.


The Caucasus School of Governance has been an active institutional member of the network since 2001, which is closely relatedto the remarkable educational activity of the school's first dean, Mzia Mikeladze.


NISPAcee is a network of professionals in the field of public management and administration and actively contributes to the promotion of democratic and effective governance in Central and Eastern Europe through education, training and research. More than 90 universities of the region are currently members of the network, and the network closely cooperates with such global organizations in the field of public administration as UN DESA, ASPA, NASPAA, EGPA, EAPAA, IASIA-IIAS and others.