18 May 2017

On May 17, 2017 Caucasus University Peace Studies Institute hosted screening of a documentary by Latvian Producer Edvins Snore – The Soviet Story (2008) for the Caucasus School of Governance students.


The movie was reviewed by the Dean of the Caucasus School of Governance, Dr. Eka Akobia.


After the show there was a discussion concerning the similarities of autocratic regimes, namely the Nazi regime in Germany and the Soviet Government as well as the atrocious acts committed by the Soviet regime that are far less known to wider publics. 


Discussions also touched upon the issue of propaganda as an instrument to affect the wider public opinion and its modern usage by Russia throughout Europe, based on its chosen far right platform.


It was underlined that being informed is the key to countering negative propaganda.


CSG will continue to organize similar extracurricular activities in the future.