Defense of Prospectus and Colloquium of CSG PhD students

9 July 2018

On July 9 and on July 14, PhD students of 2016 intake of CSG Doctorate Program in International Relations defended their prospectus and colloquiums.


Official defense of a prospectus and taking a colloquium is mandatory (two altogether) for CSG program students; during the defense and the colloquium the PhD students get both oral and written feedback and recommendations from professors directly involved in the program as well as from invited ones, which help them better develop their research agendas.


From the PhD students of 2016 intake the following students presented their works to the commission:


  1. Pirtskhelani Nana – dissertation topic: Study of the Energy Diversification Policy of a Country Dependent on Energy Resources Import at the Example of Georgia
  2. Julukhidze Grigol, dissertation topic: Impact of Russian Propaganda on Internal and External Politics of Visegrad Countries in 2000-2016
  3. Lomidze Nino, dissertation topic: Threat of Islamic Radicalization and Religious Extremism in Georgia
  4. Anushidze Ana, dissertation topic: Azerbaijan Economic Politics in 2003-2013.
  5. Panchulidze Elene, dissertation topic: the EU Mediation and Peace Building Policies in Georgian Territorial Conflicts: Deficit of Institutional Framework
  6. Kiknadze Nika, dissertation topic: Wounded Bear and Growing Dragon: Impact on Georgian Vineyard
  7. Pankelashvili Irine, dissertation topic: Attitude of Ethnic Minorities to Russian Expansion Policy
  8. Kobalia Mariam, dissertation topic: the USA Foreign Policy towards the Conflicts in Libya and Syria under Barak Obama in 2011-2013
  9. Kakichashvili Giorgi, dissertation topic: Impact of Organizational Structure on the Behavior of Terrorist Groups at the Example of Terrorist Organizations ISIS, AL-QAEDA, ETA