CSG student participated in the "International Student Conference 2023" in Riga

31 March 2023

On March 27-29, Nodar Bokeria, a student of the Caucasus University School of Governance, attended the "International Student Conference 2023" at the Riga Stradiņš University in the city of Riga, Latvia.  Student participation in the conference was financed by Caucasus University.


First Nodar's scientific paper, an abstract, whose head was professor, journalist-anglicist Nugzar Rukhadze, was sent in order for him to participate in the conference. Nodar Bokeria's work was chosen for the conference after a two-stage selection process.


Title of the paper: "The Russia-Ukraine war and its impact on the countries of the Caucasus region". 

The topic includes the details of the war, the negative effects of the war on the countries of the Caucasus region from both political and economic points of view.


Nodar participated in the conference on behalf of Caucasus University.  The university and the work were highly evaluated by Latvian representatives.


 The conference was also accompanied by interesting workshops and trainings in social and political sciences.