Demonstration Classes Conducted by PhD Students of International Relations

5 February 2018

On February 5-10, PhD students of Caucasus School of Governance (2016 intake) conducted demonstration lectures, which is the final and mandatory component of the “Teaching-Assistance” course in the PhD in IR program.


The students were to opt for a topic from the syllabus prepared by them during the semester and conduct one open lecture to the attending audience. After the question and answer session CSG PhD faculty provided methodological and practical feedback to the presenters.  


Topics delivered by doctoral students were following


  1. Grigol Julukhidze, "Modern Russian propaganda"
  2. Shmagi Samkharadze,,"Democratization and Economic Development - Experience of Developed Countries and Theoretical Views on Development"
  3. Avtandil Agiashvili, "Globalization: Economic, Political and Cultural Aspects"
  4. Ana Anushidze,"Azerbaijan Foreign Policy - Modern Period"
  5. Mariam Kobulia, "Media Influence on Politics"
  6. Tamar Tetvadze, "US Foreign Policy in the wake of  9/11 "
  7. Giorgi Metreveli, "American and European Strategies for Democracy Support Policy: Common Values, Different Instruments?"
  8. Nana Pirtskheliani, "Georgia-EU Energy Relations"
  9. Elene Panchulidze, "EU Mediation Policy: Georgia's Territorial Conflicts"
  10. Nika Kiknadze, Role of Public Relations (PR) in Management of State Crisis "
  11. Giorgi Kakhikhashvili, "International terrorist organizations ISIS, Al-Qaeda, ETA's structure and its influence on the behavior of terrorist groups"
  12. Mariam Okruashvili, "Neighborhood Geopolitics of Georgia"
  13. Nino Lomidze, "Terrorism: Threats and challenges facing Georgia"
  14. Irine Pankelashvili, "The essence of grand strategies and their meaning"