CSG students’ visit to ‘Georgian State Electrosystem’ and the substation ‘Didube 220’

11 October 2018

On October 5 the master’s degree program students of Caucasus School of Governance visited the head office of Georgian State Electrosystem in order to broaden their knowledge about energy security. During the visit students saw the panel equipped with newest technology responsible for the operation of the electro system; they also got to know the country’s energy policy aspects from the energy security perspective, the successful operation of which is based on Georgian State Electrosystem as transmission system operator.


After the central control room, in the framework of the practical seminar, the students also visited Georgian State Electrosystem’s substation, ‘Didube – 220’. The specialists/professionals of the substation introduced the students in greater details to the events held using the demonstrative method from the cyber safety perspective and reviewed the challenges facing this sphere. The aforementioned visit will greatly contribute to broadening the student’s scope of knowledge about the issue of energy security and allow them to see the challenges surrounding energy security on global scale.


After the lecture was over, the students looked round the Parliament building.