ECoD project assistant met with CSG students

29 March 2024

On March 26, at 14:00, in the Caucasus University conference hall of, ECoD project assistant Elene Gagnidze’s meeting with the students of the Caucasus School of Governance. The meeting was about the European Capital of Democracy initiative as well as youth and career activities in Europe.


The European Capital of Democracy initiative is organized by ECoD NPO, which aims to promote democratic governance and strengthen social cohesion.


What is a Citizens’ Jury?


The Citizens' Jury is a prototype for the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE), (an NGO led initiative) aimed at promoting citizen participation in everyday political challenges.


Each year, a jury comprising up to 10,000 citizens, including up to 6,000 from the 27 EU countries, selects the European Capital of Democracy. This process aims to strengthen democratic processes through the involvement of citizens in decision-making.


In January 2023, members of the Citizens’ Jury chose Barcelona as Europe's first democratic city, and Vienna the following year. You can also become a part of the Citizens’ Jury. As students, by participating, you have the opportunity to:


  • Help choose the next European Capital of Democracy;
  • Participate in online workshops organized across many European cities;
  • Receive certificates;
  • Contribute to promoting the initiative in Georgia.