CSG students meet with British politician Robert Evans

11 May 2022

On May 9, CU hosted Robert Evans, a former MEP from the United Kingdom, as part of his "EU Institutions and Policies" course, at the invitation of Sergi Kapanadze, a lecturer at Caucasus School of Governance and professor at Jean Monnet.


The lecture was supported by the European Parliament Former Members Association. Robert Evans is a British politician who was a member of the European Parliament from the Labor Party from 1994-2009.


Robert Evans talked to the students about the role of the European Parliament, the legislative process, the European Parliament's relationship with EU institutions, as well as the interaction between party families within the European Parliament. The MEP shared with the students his experience of working in the European Parliament and passing specific laws.


During the lecture, Robert Evans also spoke about Brexit, the de-Europeanization of Britain and the challenges associated with this process, including the foreign policy role of the European Union and the United Kingdom in the coming years.


At the end of the meeting, the speaker answered students' questions about the current situation in Europe, Brexit, the situation in Northern Ireland and Scotland, and issues related to the Russia-Ukraine war.