Professor Davit Tinikashvili's scientific paper was published in the American journal THE CATHOLIC HISTORICAL REVIEW

17 January 2022

The Catholic Historical Review, an international peer-reviewed journal published by the American Catholic University in Washington, D.C. published the work of Caucasus University professor Davit Tinikashvili “An Anti-Catholic Georgian Theological Treatise (Eighteenth Century) in the Context of Georgian-European Relation).”

The article analyzes the historical context of the given epoch, in which an unusual anti-Catholic Georgian-language treatise authored by Besarion Orbelishvili emerged. It criticizes the Roman Catholic Church. This work is the only exception in the history of Georgian original literature. Bessarion's book did not have a lasting impact on the Georgian ecclesiastical and political elite, as the positive attitude towards European Christianity in Georgia and the country's pro-Western orientation in general was clearly observed both before and after its writing.

It should be noted that on the outer cover of the magazine there is a Georgian miniature, which the author uses as one of the illustrations in the article.

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