Round Table” for History and Civic Education Teachers

18 June 2021



On June 10th, Caucasus University in frames of Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Project “Triangle Effect of European Studies at schools” (TEESS) hosted “Round Table” for History and Civic Education Teachers. 


The meeting held in cooperation with the National Center for Teacher Professional Development (TPDC) and "Civic Education Teachers Forum." Round table participated project participant teachers.


At the meeting, the project experts spoke about the handbook prepared for history and civic education teachers “European Association Process in Georgia” and answered the questions. 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project expert from VUB, Director of the Department of Sociology and the TESA labor market research group, Co-founder of IREC, the European industrial relations network, Researcher and Honorary Doctor of Caucasus University Prof. Jacques Vilrokx joined “Round Table” discussion online. He spoke about the handbook, emphasized the importance of knowledge of the issues reviewed in it for the further development of the processes of the European association. Prof. Vilrokx held a speech about the current problems in the social sphere and their European solving experience. An interesting discussion took place at the end of the meeting. A textbook was presented to the teachers.