Georgian Philology: Awarding Qualifications - Bachelor of Humanities in Georgian Philology.


The aim of the Georgian Philological Bachelor's Program is to provide students with scientific knowledge on key issues of artistic-aesthetic, historical and cognitive processes of Georgian and world literature; Develop the ability to analyze and critically evaluate works; to introduce literary processes in the context of history of world literature; To study Georgian structure and linguistic theories; to develop the ability to analyze linguistic sources; Learn the basics of classical languages.


The structure of the curriculum entails compulsory and optional subjects in such a way that students will be able to fully master the skills and knowledge of a specific field; on the other hand the university will offer optional coursess that will satisfy the students’ professional interests and build a solid foundation for their future practical or scientific activities.


The Georgian philology program graduates can work in the fields of education, publishing, editorial, archival and library businesses, public and non-public sectors, printing, digital and TV journalism, advertising and public relations.