Dean's Welcome

When one wants to write well, he/she has to read extensively. Reading extensively makes not only your life more interesting but also makes you a more interesting person to deal with. When you have read much and can write well, others read your writings. Is not it amazing? When you release what you have written, it becomes public; you can no longer control it.


After you get the first feedback you realize, you have been noticed, an amazing new thing begins, something that you have never suspected you will be so obsessed with; something that changes your life for good. At that point you become a journalist.


If you can write in the way your writing is nice to be listened to and look at, you have a wonderful tool of communication. By means of this tool you can change a lot for your customer – the society. People’s well-being depends on you. But how? By furnishing information in a right way.


To cut a long story short, this is journalism, a form of communication which you will acquire at the Caucasus School of Media along with general education. You will learn all of it from people who have learned it consistently and with western standards, from people having theoretical knowledge and an opportunity to put the theory in practice, from people who have earned trust and who will treat you as their equals from the very first moment.


Caucasus School of Media started with Bachelor’s Program in Journalism; however today you can learn with us all the fields of Communication on all the levels:


This year CSM is offering two Bachelor’s Programs:

  • Journalism/Mass Communication
  • PR (Public Relations)


On Master’s level CSM is offering two programs:

  • Strategic Communication (PR, Marketing, Management, Advertising)


Wide choice of programs guarantees diversity of your employment opportunities. After graduating from the CSM programs, you are able to work in print and internet media, radio, TV companies, in integrated editorial companies of new generation. Here you can acquire skills needed in a good media research, media management, public relations and advertising.


Caucasus School of Media will help you pursue your education abroad, get acquainted with media market, become a professional practitioner and get employed while you are still a student. We welcome everybody interested in the field of communication. CSM will allow you to become a part of the modern world.


Nino Zhizhilashvili

Dean of Caucasus School of Media