Caucasus School of Media has become a WICMI Certified Partner

27 January 2022

The World Innovation and Change Management Institute (WICMI) has signed a Partnership Agreement with the Caucasus School of Media with its 7 Commissions / Areas of Involvement: Education, Society, Communications, Management, Environment, Business, and Technology and Data. 

 The agreement envisages cooperation between the Institute and the School of Media within the program "Share Knowledge, Share Experience".

 The idea of ​​the program is to attract experts from all seven areas of interest and connect them with colleges and universities to share knowledge and increase the opportunity for students to gain new experiences.

Under the program, students of Caucasus School of Media will have the opportunity to attend lectures by the world's leading experts. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a certificate that will give them a competitive edge in their professional activities.

 As Daniel Connectic, Secretary of The World Innovation and Change Management Institute, stated: 

''Education received from the experts is invaluable. Through our "Share Knowledge, Share Experience" program, we have conducted a detailed analysis of potential partner universities and faculties to select the best partners. Happily, for us, the Caucasus School of Media has come to a similar conclusion that coping with constant life changes and maintaining competitiveness depends on knowledge. That is why we provide knowledge and inspiration to young people through this program. We believe that one sentence per lecture is enough to motivate the student to choose not only a profession, but also a philosophy of life."

 It should be noted that the Caucasus School of Media is the only one from Georgia that is a partner of the World Innovation and Change Management Institute (WICMI).