New Media Projects

IV course final project, 2023

Mentors: Nino Zhizhilashvili, Sofi Zurabiani, Sofio Kvintradze



Works of 2021

Conflict and Crisis Coverage Class


Project: History of Burning Markets - "When Did the Little Man Go Right with the Big Man?!"

Authors: Nini Gabisonia, Ana Mchedlishvili


Project: "The Story of One Refugee"

Author: Ani Pantsulaia


Works of 2014-2015




Works from 2011-2102


Final Projects in New Media Class. Second year students. Instructor Tinatin Dvalishvili


CSM senior students created a blog. In the framework of “Conflict Coverage” class they were assigned to cover mock war, the same “strikeball.” They made a reporting, photo coverage and wrote five articles based on the material obtained.


In accordance with the rules of the game two teams opposed each other. According to the script in an abandoned village of Dzveli Vedzisi a group of journalists was taken prisoners of war. In order to set them free group “Legion” attacked a rival camp and set the journalists free. During the attack a reporter was wounded; however, the rules of strikeball prescribe bullets and bombs are to be harmless and safe.


Working in a conflict situation was a useful experience for students.


Conflict Coverage class is led by journalists Nino Zhizhilashvili and Giorgi Tskhvitava. The final projects will be made from the villages of the conflict zone.


The works are available on the link CSM Study Zone.


Warning: All the Materials on the blog are imitated


Works from 2010-2011


Junior Year


Blog on the internet address - 


The blog was created by junior year students for the final exam in Internet Journalism.


The product is a teamwork.


The course was led by journalist – Nata Amaghlobeli


See the works of our students and give us your feedback –


Teaching newest technologies is one of the priorities of CSM. Students learn how to use newest technologies in journalistic research and publication; they realize opportunities offered by internet as a new medium; they develop basic skills to work on an online publication; they get to know new forms and methods of reporting, get used to creating blogs, working in social networking sites and develop skills for working in multimedia journalism.



The class of New Media conducted by editor in chief of Netgazeti, Nestan Tsetskhladze, ended with interesting projects.


Each of the students created a blog of his/her own. You are welcome to visit the blogs.