Professor Paul Ernest Henry, SBStJ, CD, B.A. (Hon.), B.Éd., M.Éd., SFNWC


Professor Paul Ernest Henry has an outstanding record of ethical leadership. He is a Professor of Education and concurrently serves as Chief of Staff to the Dean of New Westminster College of Caucasus University. He is a doctoral candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy in Social Sciences at Laurentian University and earned a Master of Education in Planned Educational Change in 1996 from the University of Toronto. He earned two baccalaureate degrees, includingthe Bachelor of Education in Geography and History in 1992 from Laurentian University and the Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Political Science and History in 1990, also from Laurentian University.


Professor Henry has served as a Senior Specialist in Education for French Language Education Policy at the Ontario Ministry of Education and presently serves as the Director of the Scolaire Catholique du Nouvel-Ontario in Sudbury, Ontario with Principal and Vice Principal responsibilities for six schools. As a teacher at the post-secondary and Ministerial levels, and through the French Language Monitor Programs of the Ontario Ministry of Education, he was responsible for teaching courses in Geography, History, Sociology, Humanities and Cultural Activities.


Professor Henry previously served in Her Majesty’s Canadian Armed Forces and was Officer Commanding of the Training Centre at CFB Borden. He was responsible for the training of 600 Reserve Officers per year in various professional training courses for commissioned officers. He was qualified as a lieutenant colonel as a Canadian Forces Reserve Officer and retired in an available retirement slot with the rank of major.


Professor Henry’s education-related memberships include:


  • Member of the Ontario and USA Associations for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Member, Ontario Association of Adult and Continuing Education School and Administrators
  • Member, Canadian Association of School Administrators
  • Member, Francophone School Administrators Associations (National and International)
  • Member of the Ontario Federation of Teachers
  • Member in Good Standing, Ontario College of Teachers
  • Past President, Board of the CSCNO Principal’s Association
  • Past Member of the Board, Francophone Principal’s Association in Ontario
  • Past Associate Member, Ontario Principal’s Council


Professor Henry is very active and respected in his community. He is an Esquire Member of the Heraldry Society of Scotland and Member of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada. Professor Henry has also received his personal coat-of-arms and Letters Patent (Armigerous) in December 2013 and April 2015 (addenda) from the Canadian Chancelery.


As a Professor of Education, Senior Fellow and Chief of Staff to the Dean of New Westminster College of Caucasus University, Professor Paul Ernest Henry is dedicated to supporting the highest standards of academic excellence and is committed to the advancement of Caucasus University, the New Westminster College of Caucasus University and its Global Network of Fellows.


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