Digital Entrepreneurship of Business School Students

Digital Entrepreneurship of Business School Students: Concept, Application, and Future Research Agenda


The global waves of Covid-19 experienced in 2020 and 2021 catalyzed a rapid pace of technological advancement and spurred the emergence of digital entrepreneurship aimed at addressing various challenges. In the modern world, educational institutions must provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare them for the labor market. Currently, there is limited research examining the readiness of business school students or graduates to engage in digital entrepreneurship under existing conditions, despite their acquired knowledge. Furthermore, there is a lack of understanding regarding the success rates of students or recent graduates engaging in digital entrepreneurship, as well as how universities offering business education and the public or private sectors facilitate these processes. The engagement of students with business education in digital entrepreneurial activities considering the effects of Covid-19 is not high, which may be caused by the inefficient relationship between financial literacy and capital and business management. The purpose of the research project is to determine how the rate of digital entrepreneurship can be increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, determining how the education provided by Georgian universities and the services of public or private agencies affect the development of digital entrepreneurship.


The head of the project is Aleksandre Mikeladze, the research is funded through Caucasus University's internal research funding competition.