8 June 2019


On June 8, Caucasus School of Medicine and Healthcare Management and Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences will hold a student scientific conference “Current Issues concerning Health Policy, Economy and Sociology”


Students of Bachelor, Master’s and Doctoral Educational programs have the opportunity to participate in the scientific conference.


The goal of the conference: The goal of the conference is to analyze current issues in modern society, to share students' cooperation, knowledge and experience.


The topic of the conference: the student is entitled to present a conference abstract or other work on any important issue regarding important issues of health policy, economy or sociology.


The main characteristic of the presented paper is the novelty of the issue; how topical it is; the pinpointing of the problem; how logical it is; argumentative conclusions; ways to solve the problem.


The presented work must be original and should not be previously published in any form (any form of publication, including Internet publication). Previously published works will not be accepted.


Application form:


  • The name and surname of the reporter
  • The name of the university, school/faculty
  • Email address, mobile phone number
  • The name of the report
  • The name, surname and status of the science-leader
  • Abstract text (not more than 500 words)
  • The organizing committee will select the presented reports, the Commission's decision will be known to the authors via an information letter.


Technical Requirements and Citation Rule:

The work must be clearly structured (introduction, main part, conclusion) to be sent electronically to the relevant e-mail address.


The presented work should be done with Sylfaen font, the main text font size - 12, the distance between the lines should be one unit (single), the paragraph must be separated by one Enter (not with Tab), the left and right side should be 2, 5-2.5 cm width margin, each page should be numbered at end of the page on the right side.


When you use an abbreviation/shortening/key word of a title in your work for the first time it should be written out clearly with the abbreviation in the brackets next to it, which will then be used in the rest of the text.


The deadline for the submission of the conference works as well as the submission email address:


Those who wish to participate in the conference must submit the abstracts (not more than 500 words) to the Organizing Committee no later than midnight of May 29 to the following email address:;


Prerequisite for the admission of the works to the conference: only the works that fit into the criteria of the conference theme and the technical requirements will be permitted at the scientific conference.


The right to receive consultation: any interested students are authorized to send questions to the specified e-mail address.


Receiving notifications about the conference admission: authors of the specific works will receive an email regarding their admission to the conference no later than June 5 of the current year.


Presenting a presentation and its duration: the conference participant should present a 15-minute presentation using Power Point to the jury and attending spectators (the appropriate technical capacities will be provided).


Criteria for Conference Paper and Oral Presentation Assessment:


  1. Presenting the theme's relevancy, novelty and the evidence for the obtained results;
  2. Free thinking and the ability to make argumentative collusions;
  3. Presentation and discussion skills;
  4. Academic and technical assessment of the work (including the structure of the paper and quotation).


Awarding with certificates: the reporters of the student scientific conference will be awarded with certificates.