Competition to obtain internal university funding for research activities

15 December 2020


A competition is held to obtain internal funding for research activities, which aims to integrate the research-based academic process, university research potential and academic staff affiliated with Caucasus University in the national and international scientific space, as well as undergraduate and doctoral students.


The competition will fund research that promotes the development of fundamental, applied, academic activities.


Applications for funding can be submitted individually and/or in groups:


  1. A) An individual seeking funding may only be academic staff affiliated with Caucasus University;
  2. B) If the funding seeker is in a group of researchers, then the head of the research project (principal researcher) can only be an academic staff member affiliated with Caucasus University (Professor or Associate Professor), the other members can be employees of another university or organization, doctoral students or masters of Caucasus University.


The amount requested for each research project should not exceed GEL 25,000 (including taxes provided by the legislation of Georgia).


Academic staff affiliated with Caucasus University may apply for funding for new research that is not part of an employment contract, as part of an internal research funding competition. No additional funding will be provided for the study covered by the employment contract annex.


If the result of a research project is the publication of an article in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, the journal should meet the “B” or “A” level set by the university rankings.


Registration of project applications for participation in the competition will be carried out from December 15, 2020 to December 31, 2020 at 18:00, by e-mail:


Applications submitted in violation of the deadline will not be considered.


The project application includes:


  1. Research project application (Annex 1);
  2. Description of the research project (Annex 2);
  3. Professional resumes of the persons involved in the research project (supervisor, researchers, administrative staff).


If you have additional questions, you can contact:


Nino Machurishvili


Mariam Jinchveleishvili