Competition for internal university funding for research activities

20 December 2022

The competition supports fundamental and applied research projects that contribute to the development of academic activities.


Applications for funding can be submitted both individually and as a group:


  1. The applicant must be an academic staff member affiliated with Caucasus University and must have signed any type A contract according to the classification of employment contracts of Caucasus University;
  2. If the person seeking funding is a group of researchers, the principal researcher (head of the research project) must be an academic staff member (Professor or Associate Professor) affiliated with Caucasus University and must have signed any type A contract. Other members of the group can include employees of other universities or organizations, non-affiliated academic staff of Caucasus University, doctoral students, or master's students.


Academic staff affiliated with Caucasus University can seek funding for research activities not specified in the appendix to the affiliation employment contract through the internal university research funding competition. However, additional funding will not be provided for research products already specified in the appendix to the Affiliation Employment Agreement.


If the affiliated academic staff currently has an ongoing project funded through the internal university research funding, they are eligible to submit a new application within the competition after the completion of their current project.


A project that receives at least 6 points from an expert in the field will be considered for financing.


The budget for each research project should not exceed 25,000 GEL (including taxes stipulated by Georgian legislation):


  1. a) In the case of a group research project, 30% (7,500 GEL) of the maximum budget (25,000 GEL) can be allocated to the fees of individuals involved in the project, including the supervisor and main and supporting staff. For an individual project, the allocated amount should not exceed the accrued remuneration of an A-level article.
  2. b) The honorarium for affiliated academic staff at Caucasus University who are seeking funding or, in the case of a group of researchers, the head of the project (principal researcher), is determined based on the scientific product obtained as a result of the project. The fixed remuneration for the creation of a scientific product can be found in the appendix;
  3. c) The fee for co-researchers, assistants, and other support staff in the research project is determined based on their academic position and should not exceed the monthly fees provided by the legislation of Georgia:


d.a) 750 GEL for the professor;

d.b) 600 GEL for an associate professor;

d.c) 400 GEL for an assistant professor;

d.e) 382.5 GEL for an assistant.


During the implementation period of the project, not more than 70% of the honorarium of the funding seeker or, in the case of a group of researchers, the head of the project (principal researcher), will be paid. The remaining amount will be paid after the fulfillment of all obligations stipulated by the project.


Each research project has a maximum execution period of 2 years, corresponding to the term of the affiliation agreement of the project leader. In the event that the affiliated staff decides to terminate the affiliation agreement with the university before the project's completion, they must fully return the received funding within one month of the request.


The project application includes:


  1. a) research project application (Appendix 1);
  2. b) description of the research project (Appendix 2);
  3. c) professional resumes of the persons involved in the research project (supervisor, researchers, administrative staff).


Additional documentation:


  • Budget;
  • Publication procedure;
  • Journal ranking.


The application period is from December 15 to December 31 at 18:00, to the following email address: