14 November 2020

Caucasus University School of Medicine and Healthcare Professor Tengiz Verulava's study "Factors that influence tobacco use in Georgian youth" was published in the international scientific peer-reviewed journal “Malta Medical Journal”.


The journal is indexed in the international scientific database of SCOPUS (Elsevier). The authors of the paper are Doctor of Medicine, Professor Tengiz Verulava, Master of Sociology Davit Nemsadze, Doctor of Medicine Revaz Jorbenadze, Master of Health Management Beka Dangadze. The aim of the study was to identify the characteristics and factors that contribute to the onset of tobacco use in adolescence. The results of the research confirm that the majority of respondents start smoking at a young age. Society plays a crucial role in initiating tobacco use. Despite the fact that young people reacted negatively to tobacco consumption, they still continued this behavior. Young people use tobacco to demonstrate their personal maturity, this kind of behavior is focused on others and advertises that they are full-fledged and adult members of society.


This action serves the purpose of creating a positive reputation for their behavioral, voluntary or visual side towards others. The study found that it is advisable to promote measures to limit tobacco consumption. In this regard, the enactment of the Law on Tobacco Control in Georgia, which prohibits the consumption and advertising of tobacco in public places, in particular, in educational and other institutions, as well as the sale of tobacco products near schools.


See the article at the link.