Certificate Program – “Share Knowledge, Share Experience”: - Lecture VI

22 June 2022

On July 18, at 11:00, within the framework of the certificate program - "Share Knowledge, Share Experience", sixth and last online lecture will be held.


The lecture will be delivered by Robert Wester. The topic of the lecture will be: “The importance of participatory governance – how to engage stakeholders and public in policy making? Key guidelines for public communication strategy”.

Robert Wester is managing director of the EU-advisory group of Berenschot and an expert in strategic communication. Berenschot is a leading consultancy firm in the Netherlands and Belgium and employs more than 400 consultants, covering all levels of the public administration sector and the business community.


He has been leading the sector Government and his work focuses on the strategy, governance and positioning of organisations in the public sector. In his projects, he helps governments and businesses in their collaboration and to create public value.


Wester has twelve years of working experience as a consultant at Berenschot and has been working for 18 years as a communications or policy director for seven different departments of the government in the Netherlands. Wester was principal advisor of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and King Willem Alexander in the Netherlands and responsible for all communication with respect to the abdication and investiture on April 30th 2013.


Those willing to attend the lecture should register here.