Competition “Technoleague” for entrants

28 April 2022

For entrants majoring in Computer Science or Electronics and Computer Engineering, Caucasus University is announcing a competition - " Technoleague", which will be held at the CU campus on May 13, at 13:00.


Participants should be able to build a circuit with digital logic elements, assembling a simple functional device. Before the competition, entrants will be given a 1-hour master class in electronics.


Participants will receive specific assignments and instructions on the day of the competition.


Teams composed of XII grade students can participate in the competition. The team should consist of no less than 2 and no more than 4 students. Several teams from one school are allowed to participate. It is also permissible to recruit students from different schools.


The winning teams will be awarded Caucasus University study vouchers:

I place 8 000 GEL

II place 6 000 GEL

III place 4 000 GEL


Those wishing to participate can register at the link.


The registration deadline is May 11.


Registration of participants on the day of the competition will start at 12:30 p.m.