Contest for entrants - a virtual journey through time and space

22 February 2023

A competition for applicants interested in the Tourism School programs - a virtual journey through time and space - will be conducted on February 22 at 12:00 in the C9 auditorium of Caucasus University.


In a special program, participants will answer quizzes on the following subjects: geography, history, literature, and tourism. There will be three rounds to the competition, and each round will be harder than the one before it.


It is mandatory that at least one team member has a smartphone to be able to work in the program.


The winners of the competition will receive study vouchers from Caucasus University:


I place - 3000 GEL education voucher

II place - 1500 GEL education voucher

III place - 900 GEL education voucher


The member of the winning team will receive 1/3 of the voucher allocated to the team. The voucher will be distributed over 4 years and will finance the undergraduate tuition fees at Caucasus University. Vouchers can be used by students enrolled in the 2023-2024 academic year at Caucasus University.


Teams composed of 12th grade students can participate in the competition. The team should consist of no more than 3 students. Participation of several teams from one school is allowed. It is also allowed to make a team from students of different schools.


Those who wish to participate, please register at the link