Spelling quiz - I write and speak fluent Georgian!

27 March 2023

On March 27, at 15:00, a spelling quiz - "I write and speak fluent Georgian" will be held in the conference hall of Caucasus University (with the participation of students from all schools of Caucasus University).


Structure of the quiz:


Teams (11 teams, 5 participants per team) are given a test consisting of 20 tasks, in which they must mark the correct spelling answers. 10 minutes are allotted for each task. Assignments are corrected automatically; the results are recorded on the big screen in the hall.

In the first stage, the three teams in last places are eliminated from the game (in case of equal points, additional blitz-questions will be used to determine who will continue the quiz). 8 teams move to the second stage, again 2 last place teams are eliminated from the competition. 6 teams take part in the third stage; in the fourth stage - 4 teams; In the fifth stage, 2 teams will participate in the final.

We will recognize the winning team as the team that best knows the state language and will award it on April 4, at the Georgian language summary event.


The event is part of the project "I love Georgian - my state language!", the author of which is the professor of Caucasus University - Mariam Manjgaladze. The project was successfully implemented in Vilnius University, Lithuania, on April 14, 2016, and since then, it has been held every year at Caucasus University in various interesting formats.


Those who wish to participate in the quiz, register at the following link.