Online Lecture Course: "Introduction to Humane Pedagogy"

12 January 2021

From January 26 to February 9, within the framework of the Integrated Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program for Teachers of Primary Education (the I-VI grades), an online lecture course: "Humane Pedagogy" will be held in partnership with the Amonashvili Academy. Online meetings are for students of the pedagogy program, and can also be attended by current teachers and school administration representatives.


Online lectures will be led by: Shalva Amonashvili - Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Honorary Doctor of Caucasus University and Paata Amonashvili - Doctor of Psychology, Professor, President of the Humane Pedagogy International Center.


The lectures will be held in 2 thematic groups:


  1. "Amonashvili’s lessons"
  • January 26 - Lecture 1. What is humane pedagogy?
  • January 27 - Lecture 2. What is the psychology of consent?
  • February 2 - Lecture 3. Child in the family and child at school
  • February 3 - Lecture 4. Distance learning


  1. The practice of humane pedagogy


  • February 8 - Lecture 5. Children in the Modern World - Challenges of Pedagogy.
  • February 9 - Lecture 6. Teacher of Humane Pedagogy.


The following issues will be discussed during the lecture course:


  • The fourth dimension of humane pedagogy;
  • Semantics of Humane Pedagogy;
  • The Psychology of Consent - The Basis of Humane Pedagogy (Development; The Need for Glory and Freedom);
  • he Law of Spiritual Unity in the Humane Pedagogical Process;
  • Educational methods of humane pedagogy.

Lectures will be held from 19:00 to 21:00 on the “Zoom” platform, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.


Visit the link to register.