WISEC Academy - Online Presentation Of Program

22 May 2024

Within the framework of the Jean Monnet Module Project, the "WISEC Academy" teaching program, aimed at empowering women in cybersecurity through EU experience, will be presented on May 22 at 18:00 (online).


About the Project:


The primary objective of the “Empowering Women in Cybersecurity through EU Experience – WISEC Academy” project is to enhance the quality of women’s education in Georgia using the EU’s best practices and encourage communication between academia and society. Join us to delve into cutting-edge insights and raise your understanding of data protection in a broader social context.


The event will be held in three stages. At the first stage, the audience will be greeted with a speech by Professor Maksim Iavich, Head of the Cyber Security Department, Director of the Cyber Security Center; Principal Investigator of the Project.

In the second stage of the meeting, the invited speakers will present the following thematic presentations:


  • Computer Networks and Linux Essentials – Module Presentation
  • Principles of cyber security – Module Presentation
  • European Data Protection Regulation – Module Presentation
  • Ethical hacking – Module Presentation


In the final part of the event, the audience will have the opportunity to get comprehensive answers to important and interesting questions from the speakers.


Be sure to register to attend the event.