Exclusive opportunity to enhance your expertise in data protection and GDPR compliance

18 March 2024

We are thrilled to announce the launch of DataSecSchool (session 2) a seasonal educational initiative aimed at providing students with a comprehensive understanding of GDPR regulations and data protection practices based on EU standards.


About DataSecSchool:


DataSecSchool offers a specialized curriculum consisting of four designed courses covering essential topics such as cyber hygiene, system and network defense, cryptography, and data protection/GDPR compliance. With a focus on imparting practical skills and current industry knowledge, this program is ideal for students seeking to bolster their expertise in the field.


- Duration: 80 academic hours;

- Location: Caucasus University;

- Eligibility: Motivated students from all Georgian universities;

- Maximum Participants: 30.


Selection Process:


To ensure the quality of participants, the selection process involves two stages:


  1. Completion of the application form (accessible via the provided link);
  2. Interview with the organizers.


Timeline: March-May, 2024.


Registration Form.


For further details and to apply, please visit our website.