NISPAcee 2024 Annual International Conference - "Public Administration in Post-Conflict Reconstruction"

23 May 2024

Caucasus University will host the 2024 NISPAcee 32nd Annual Conference on "Public Administration in Post-Conflict Reconstruction" from May 23-25 in Georgia.


The acceptance of abstracts for participation in the conference has begun.


If you have a research abstract related to public administration topics, do not miss the opportunity to contribute to the conference and engage with like-minded researchers and practitioners from Europe and beyond.


This is your unique opportunity to showcase your research, exchange ideas with the academic community, and engage in compelling discussions within the realm of public administration.


NISPACee and Caucasus University are excited to welcome you as part of the conference!


Register and submit an abstract via the link.


Submission deadline: 10/11/2023


See more about the conference at the link.


The central theme of the 2024 NISPAcee Annual Conference is a contemporary topic: post-conflict reconstruction. The conference will delve into evolving perspectives on the role of public governance and administration in post-conflict reconstruction. The conference will assess the experience accumulated over the years, analyze and contrast some of the most effective practices. Furthermore, the objective of the conference is to explore the valuable new prospects for reconstruction facilitated by digitalization and artificial intelligence. In doing so, it seeks to harmonize contemporary theoretical and practical approaches to post-conflict management and administration, both for the Central and Eastern European region and beyond.


In addition to the main topic, within the framework of the conference, nine permanent working groups will receive abstracts on leading issues of public governance and administration. Additionally, workshops and panel discussions addressing topics relevant to Georgia and the region will be organized in collaboration with key international partners interested in the field of public administration; information about the events will be distributed periodically.


It's worth highlighting that during the 31st annual conference of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee), Eka Akobia, the dean of the Caucasus School of Governance, was unanimously chosen as the network's future president by the management committee.