A competition has been announced for the selection of a student representative in the management body of the Caucasus School of Law

21 November 2023

The purpose of the competition is to select a student representative in the school council, taking into account the requirements set for the candidate.


The school council is a school management body created for the coordination and management of teaching and research activities within the Caucasus School of Law. It sets the main goals, tasks, and priorities for the school's activities, reviews educational programs, listens to reports on school work at the end of the academic year, develops proposals for further improvement of educational programs and teaching methodical work, etc.


Vacant position: membership of the school council as a student*


Requirements for the candidate: academic performance; discipline; intensity and outcomes of involvement in school and university activities and events; personal qualities. Candidate must be a student with active status;


Submitting an application: To fill a vacant position, a candidate (student) must submit the following documentation:


  • Motivation letter;
  • List and details of involvement in school or university activities and conferences.
  • Application deadline: November 21, 2023.
  • The application is received electronically at the following address: csl@cu.edu.ge; Please indicate in the subject line: Student Selection Competition for the School Board.


The selected student becomes a full-fledged member of the school council, with a term of office of 1 (one) academic year, unless:


  1. The student's status as a student at Caucasus University will be suspended or terminated before this term expires;
  2. If the student is unable to fulfill their duties due to any unforeseen reason, the school reserves the right to re-elect the student and select another student in accordance with the conditions established by the internal normative rule.