CloudCrop develops adaptive digital agronomy software tailored for any greenhouse setting.


 CloudCrop’s mission is to design a system that assesses the state of the greenhouse. Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, this system crafts a detailed action plan, enabling farmers to fully harness their greenhouse's potential.


It's a concerning fact: many greenhouses annually face losses amounting to tens of thousands of dollars due to suboptimal management. The root causes often include a lack of understanding about resource allocation and combating diseases and pests. This not only diminishes the well-being of the greenhouse farmers but also contributes to environmental pollution through wasted produce. This Startup is currently collaborating with industry-leading climate control and monitoring firms to test its software, with plans for subsequent integration into their platforms.


Cloudcrop has won  GITA's 15,000 GEL grant competition, secured the second place in Caucasus University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center’s Startup pre-acceleration program CUnicorn  Demo Day and reached the finals of  Social Impact Award competition.