Success Story

Tengiz Taktakishvili

 Tuscia / Italy


As part of the Erasmus + academic staff mobility, I visited Tuscia University, where I gave a lecture on “Development Macroeconomics”. The University is located in the ancient and unusual Italian city of Viterbo. It was especially gratifying for the Georgian students to attend my lecture at Tuscia University. They also showed me the city. I think Erasmus + programs play a huge role in the professional and personal development of young people, by sharing their European values ​​and creating boundless opportunities for the future. I am glad that once again I was given the opportunity to visit beautiful Italy and visit unforgettable Rome. I would like to see the expansion of Erasmus + programs and the involvement of more students from Georgia.



Maria Glonti

FH JOANNEU, University of Applied Sciences / Austria



As part of the Erasmus + academic staff mobility, I paid a work visit to FH JOANNEUM, University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. Within the framework of mobility, I conducted lectures with students of the faculties of Marketing and International Management. Meetings were also held with the Dean of the Faculty of Management, International Project Manager and a plan for future cooperation was drawn up.



David Petriashvili

Tuscia / Italy

As part of the Erasmus + program, I had the opportunity, on behalf of the Caucasus School of Economics, to give lectures to Tuscia University students on Macroeconomic Policy Implementation Mechanisms and explain to them how this or that economic policy could affect their daily lives. The topic aroused great interest, which was reflected in the high involvement of students and discussions after the lectures.


It was interesting to meet with Georgian students on an exchange program at Tuscia University, to hear comparisons from them about Georgian and Italian teaching methods. Lecturing in a different environment was really a rewarding experience that will contribute to my academic development. In addition, opportunities for future cooperation between Tuscia University and Caucasus Universities were identified, which will further deepen the cooperation between the two universities.



Rusudan Chachanidze
Krakow University of Economics

"I am happy that Caucasus University gave me the opportunity to benefit from the Erasmus + academic staff exchange program. As part of the program, I traveled to the Krakow University of Economics, where I worked with students in marketing and business innovation programs. It was very pleasant and interesting to work with the students of the Krakow University of Economics.


There was a lot of interest in the offered lecture course, which also led to the fact that we continue to communicate, exchange materials and opinions even after the end of the program. In addition to the training course, the professor of Krakow University of Economics was interested in research cooperation with Caucasus University. I hope we will continue to cooperate on this topic. The Erasmus + program was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience for me".



David Tsiklauri
Tuscia / Italy

As part of the Erasmus + staff mobility, I held a lecture on Total Quality Management for Tuscia University students and, at the request of a partner university, a brief presentation to Italian students on Georgia and Caucasus University, which I hope was interesting and informative for the audience.


During the visit, I also met with representatives of the Department of International Relations at Tuscia University, who hosted me on campus.





 Maxim Iavich
Lille Catholic University, France

As part of the Erasmus + Academic Staff Mobility, I visited Lille Catholic University, where I conducted a module on the following topics:

representation of numbers, introduction to cybersecurity, network security, open key cryptography, and introduction to post-quantum cryptography.


Lille Catholic University is indeed a very old, albeit infrastructurally developed educational institution and also has a cyber security lab. As part of the mobility, in addition to lectures, workshops were also planned with local lecturers and researchers, and we talked about future projects and teaching methods available between universities. It is also noteworthy that we have already started working on one of the projects with foreign colleagues. During the mobility, the university additionally provided me with a work room and gave me access to all the resources that the faculty had in the field of cyber security.



Giorgi Datukishvili 



„It’s a magnificent country where Michelangelo brought the Emperor’s dreams to life” - It is inconceivable not to be fascinated by Italy, which is an exemplary center of empire, democracy and centuries-old education. From Gladiators to Ferrari this country is astonishing and unforgettable. Education is one of its strengths. The city of Viterbo and its Tuscany University are exactly the place anyone would want to come to, as modern approaches and ancient antiquity create a wonderful tandem.



Lela Abdushelishvili


University of Economics in Katowice/Poland


“In April 2017, I was at Katowice University in Poland and held a one-week business communication course for students there. The program was expertly prepared and organized. The event was held within the framework of the "International Week", which provided a practical course for university students. All conditions were created for learning and teaching and for cooperation to be fruitful for both parties."

David Aslanishvili





“The heart of Etruscan ancient civilization - the city of Tarkvynia, one of the most amazing place of Christianity - the city of Viterbo and the most beautiful city of Italy - Florence. All of this was introduced to me in the fall of 2017 in the framework of the Erasmus program of Caucasus University and Tuscany University. Within the framework of the program a lecture-seminar on "Monetary Policy and the Role of Central Banks" was presented, there was a very active discussion on the problems of the European Central Bank, the US Federal Reserve Bank, the Japanese Central Bank and the action of the regional central banks. The causes of financial crisis and its course in the banking sector were analyzed.

Curriculum and news were shared with academic staff. I would like to express my gratitude to CU and the international departments of the University of Tuscany for a well-organized and well-planned schedule, which enabled the high quality and success of this program. "


Eka Akobia




“Within the framework of the Erasmus + Mobility Agreement between Caucasus University and the University of Tuscany, Italy, I spent the week of November 27-December 3 in Italy. During the visit, I had lectures at the University of Tuscany, where my host colleague was Dr. Sante Crucian, a lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science.

During the exchange visit, I was given the opportunity to give lectures on the theories of international relations: Realism, Liberalism and Constructivism to students of the Political Science of Tuscany University. It was very helpful for me to give a lecture to a foreign audience, to compare Georgian and Italian audiences, and to get acquainted with various practical and academic contexts. At the same time, it was an honor to get to know my Italian colleagues and to strengthen links for further academic collaboration in the future. "

Levan Bzhalava


University of Ljubljana/Slovenia



“As part of the Erasmus + program, I traveled to the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and read lectures on social media analysis. In addition, during the visit, I met with the Head of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana, introduced my current research topics and discussed opportunities for collaboration. Such visits and meetings are very important for building research cooperation with different universities."

Nino Kalandadze




As part of the Erasmus + Academic Mobility Program, I visited the University of Tuscany, Italy in November 2017. As part of my mobility, I delivered a lecture on "Georgia's Foreign Policy and Georgia's Relations with Russia and the European Union" to students of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the Host University.

                                                          Nana Vashakidze


Technical University of Kosice/ Slovakia


As part of the Erasmus + Academic Mobility Program, I visited the University of Tuscany, Italy in November 2017. As part of my mobility, I delivered a lecture on "Georgia's Foreign Policy and Georgia's Relations with Russia and the European Union" to students of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations at the Host University.


David Aslanishvili




“In the fall of 2016, I was using the Erasmus program at FH JOANNEUM at the University of Science, Gracie, Austria. The program helped establish relationships with academic staff, lead lectures - seminars and exchange/introduce many scientific innovations. One highlight of this visit is the preparation / updating and introduction of a new syllabus and course at Caucasus University that reflects modern European monetary policy and current developments in banking. The university has a friendly environment, which is an additional motivation for both researchers and students to acquire and deepen their knowledge and acquire practical skills. "