Doctoral Dissertation Defense of Anna Elizarova, a doctoral student at CSB

5 July 2022


On July 4, at Caucasus University, the defense of Anna Elizarova's dissertation - "Decision-Making Process in Online Gambling and Main Factors That Affect It (A Case of Georgia)" was held at Caucasus University.


The scientific supervisor of the dissertation was Professor Boris (Buba) Lezhava.


The defense of the dissertation was held before the dissertation board, with the following composition:


Elene Jgharkava, Associate Professor, Dean of the School of Business, Caucasus University;


Boris (Buba) Lezhava, professor, vice-president in the field of research and strategic development, Caucasus University;


Davit Tsiklauri, Professor, School of Business, Caucasus University;


Nikoloz Farjanadze, affiliated professor, Black Sea International University;


Maka Bughulashvili, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Management, Black Sea International University.


At the defense, the doctoral student gave a presentation of the dissertation and answered the questions, after which the reviewer, Professor Maka Bughulashvili, professor from the Black Sea University, presented her evaluations of the dissertation.


According to the assessment of the board, Anna Elizarova successfully defended her thesis and was awarded the degree of Doctor of Management.