Erasmus + Jean Monnet Project "Triangle Effect of European Studies at schools" (TEESS) in Tbilisi N104 Public School

19 April 2021






Caucasus University's Erasmus + Jean Monnet project - "Triangle Effects of European Studies at School" (TEESS) - has completed workshops in public schools. On April 19 project team had meeting with students, teachers and parents of Tbilisi Public School N104 (Armenian language school).


The aim of the workshop was to support Georgia's association into the EU in the regions of Georgia populated with the ethnic minorities. In particular, to raise the awareness of the trainees through education, communication and information about Georgia's Agreement of Association with the European Union, the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (AA/DCFTA) and sound information policy.


Up to 70 listeners participated in the workshop. The workshop highlighted the interest of the audience in the Association process of Georgia into the EU. There was different opinion as well, an interesting discussion took place. The school was granted with the book published on Georgian, English, Armenian and Azerbaijani languages within the project - the textbook for history and civic education teachers “European Association Process in Georgia”.  Given the urgency of the workshops goal, teachers expressed their readiness actively begin the implementation of the textbook in the learning processes. N104 public school students are also join the essay competition "I Saw Europe in Georgia" organized within the frames of the same Jean Monnet project. They like students from Akhaltsikhe and Marneuli, have the opportunity to present papers in Georgian language on the importance of AA/DCFTA in the development of Georgia and on the impact on their lives. They could show how they see themselves in building a democratic society based on European values.


The workshop was held with the support of the Georgian-Armenian Union. The results of the one-day work were covered by the Armenian community media