Defense of CSB Master’s Theses

29 July 2021


On July 26, the defense of CSB Master of Business Administration and Management program students’ master's theses was held at Caucasus University.


The masters presented papers on the following topics:

Giorgi Gamrekelidze: "Peculiarities of Procurement Management in Georgian Companies"

Ana Jikhvashvili: "Social Media as a Human Resource Management Tool"

Shalva Grdzelidze: "The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Pharmaceutical Market and the Consumer Behavior of the Pharmaceutical Market"

Giorgi Bokhua: "The Role of Data Analysis in the Functioning and Development of E-Commerce"

Anastasia Kokhreidze: "Motivation of Employees in the Hospitality Sector and Measures to Increase Motivation"

Nika Zibzibadze: "Study of the Civil Activism Index by Employment Sectors (on the Example of Georgia)"


Elene Jgharkava, Buba Lezhava, Davit Tsiklauri, Tengo Taktakishvili and Maria Glonti, members of the commission, were present at the defense of their master's theses.