Graphic design creative tour

5 March 2024

The admission process for the undergraduate graphic design program at Caucasus University comprises two main phases:


  • Electronic Presentation of Works;
  • Interview.


Entrants must prepare a visualization centered around the theme "What Can Art Change," employing their preferred technique (made by hand (painting, sketch, sketch) or computer program).


During the interview, applicants will showcase their artwork and engage in a discussion about it (the authenticity of the work will be assessed during this presentation). The admissions committee may request applicants to complete a task using resources available on-site.


Entrants are required to complete electronic registration and submit a photo or electronic version of their independently completed work to the email:


Please note that works done in groups and/or with the help of others will not be reviewed/graded.


  • Acceptance of works: May 20th to May 30th.
  • Interview period: May 30th to June 20th.
  • Registration deadline: May 20th.


We will inform you individually about the specific date and time of the interview.

At the creative tour, the entrant is evaluated using a 100-point system.


The evaluation criteria of the presented works are: 


  • Creativity
  • Concept
  • Relevance to the topic
  • The artistic and aesthetic execution of the assignment
  • Presentation skills
  • Motivation 


If plagiarism or collaborative work are detected in the submitted works, the entrant will receive a score of 0 points from the competition commission.


The final evaluation of the entrants is done by calculating the arithmetic average of the evaluations given by the commission members.


Successfully passing the creative competition entails achieving a high score that surpasses the minimum competency threshold (33 points).