European Mental Health Week - Movie screening

16 May 2022

On May 16, as part of the European Mental Health Week, a screening of American director Maya Forbes's film "Infinitely Polar Bear" about the life of a man with a manic-depressive disorder was held in the A8 auditorium.


At the end of the screening, the audience and the psychologist Rusudan Zaalishvili discussed the film and the problems around the main character and ways to solve them.


Also, an information corner was organized on the B floor of the university, where students have the opportunity to get acquainted with thematic information materials.


On May 16-19, Caucasus University will host a variety of educational and cognitive activities related to European Mental Health Week, aimed at raising students' awareness on the importance of mental health.


Caucasus University's European Mental Health Week is celebrated within the framework of the EU-funded ERASMUS + CBHE Institutional Development Project " Establishment of Psychological Counselling Centers at Georgian HEIs for Students (E-PSY)" and focuses on the importance of student psychological counseling.