Within the framework of the Erasmus+ project E-PSY, a psychological counseling center was opened at Caucasus University

28 December 2022



On December 28, within the framework of the ERASMUS+ institutional development project "Establishment of Psychological Counseling Centers at Georgian HEIs for Students (E-PSY)", a psychological counseling center was opened at Caucasus University.


One of the main goals of this project is the establishment of student psychological counseling centers in Georgian higher educational institutions and the development of official documents for decision-makers (representatives of the Georgian government, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia) in order to raise awareness about mental health and focus on the importance of student psychological counseling in Georgian higher educational institutions.


With the establishment of the Psychological Counseling Center, the students of Caucasus University will receive psychological counseling and assistance according to their needs. This help will be provided by psychologists who will undergo specialized training at Bydgoszcz and Brasov universities, and will participate in workshops and seminars organized by Georgian and European specialists. Within the framework of the project, recommendations and legislative documentation will also be developed, an association of psychological counseling centers of universities will be created, which will contribute to the sustainability of the project's results and its viability.


The project coordinator is Sokhumi State University.  For detailed information about the project, please visit the project website