Content of Syllabuses Within the Jean Monnet Module - EU-LP-GE

9 December 2022



Content of Syllabuses  Within the Jean Monnet Module - EU-LP-GE



On October 25, 2022, a meeting was held at the Caucasus University, where the discussed touched a question of the integration and strengthening of EU studies in the MA and BA Law programs within the framework of the new Jean Monnet module ("Europeanization of law programs in Georgia"). Based on the recommendations and visions announced at the meeting by different officials of the university, the following actions were done at the beginning of December, 2022:


  1. Content of the syllabus for the MA LAW program is agreed.
  2. Content of the amendments of 3 syllabuses of the BA LAW program is agreed.


Please see the description of the syllabuses