Any person having a secondary education is entitled to enroll in the Undergraduate Program in Computer Science. The precondition for admission to the program is to pass the Unified National Examination. Any exceptions to the Law on Enrolment at Higher Education Institutions are allowed only in the cases prescribed by Law.


  • Foreign citizens are enrolled in the program without passing the Unified National Examinations.
  • Students eligible for the program without having passed the Unified National Examinations must confirm English language B2 level proficiency (IELTS-6.0; TOEFL-78; or other relevant international certificate confirming B2 level proficiency) or he/she has to pass an English language B2 level exam administered by the Caucasus University


    Subjects to be taken at the Unified National Examinations:


  • Passing the English Language as a foreign language exam is a mandatory requirement for program enrollment.
  • Georgian language and literature;
  • One of the following compulsory subjects: mathematics or physics .




Mobility to the program is allowed in accordance with procedures set by the relevant law.